Product Review: Marc Anthony ‘Bye, Bye Frizz Leave-Conditioner’

Product Review: Marc Anthony ‘Bye, Bye Frizz Leave-Conditioner’


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I have long hair, so I go through a LOT of conditioner. I have tried many things to keep it from tangling. My usual routine involves conditioner in the shower, leave in cream conditioner, then a spry detangler. This works, but could be better, so I recently tried a new product.

Marc Anthony ‘Bye, Bye Frizz’ silicone free protecting leave-in conditioner. I washed my hair as usual, then used this instead of my usual leave-in conditioner. I expected it to make it easier to brush out. It did not. I used about 1.5 oz and it did not get any better. Letting it sit didn’t seem to help either. I carefully brushed it out and then blow-dried it like usual. I equated “conditioner” with “detangler” and apparently I shouldn’t.

Once it was dry, I could see how it actually effected my hair. It’s not frizzy. It laid nicely. It also seems to tangle less during the day. I ended up impressed with how it kept my hair looking nice until the next wash. I could put it up in a pony tail without near the frizzies I usually deal with.

A few days in

Summary: GREAT for frizzies and a good hair day that lasts until the next wash. BAD for a detangler. Not a detangler at all.

Recommendation: I would buy it again to use in addition to a leave-in that detangles.

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