NaMoPaiMo 2019 Surprise!

NaMoPaiMo 2019 Surprise!


I got a fabulous surprise this morning! I checked the mail when I was putting the kids on the school bus and I was shocked to find a big box addressed to me! I have never gotten a prize from NaMoPaiMo before, this was so amazing!

NaMoPaiMo isn’t about the prizes, they are just a bonus! You are a winner if you finish painting your horse in February, and you’re winner because you learn so many new things. The prizes for the event are all merit based and more of a ‘good sportsmanship’ award.

This year, I helped my two sons and my cousin paint acrylic stablemates. I also convinced my sister-in-law to join the fun and paint her first ever Breyer! I painted several horses in February and I learned a lot about painting a dapple grey. It was great fun to paint along side all the other competitors and especially great to get Rebekah involved. She did a fantastic job!

I think the best thing about NaMoPaiMo is that in the middle of winter, when it’s snowy and grey and depressing outside, we suddenly have a reason to create and connect with people and it’s like a sunshine party in the gloom. It always jump starts my creativity and the momentum lasts until about June, when the kids get out of school for the summer.

Many HUGE thanks to Jennifer Bray Buxton for hosting this event and putting in SO many hours and dollars to make our lives better. Also a huge thanks to the staff that makes this possible. I believe it has been a huge boost to the hobby and encouraged people to learn to paint who would never have been brave enough to jump in before.

Unboxing my NaMoPaiMo prize!!
Charles Shaw, 5 yrs
Desmond Shaw, 8 yrs
Isobela Lewis, 6 yrs
Rebekah Shaw with her NaMoPaiMo pony and prizes!

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