NaMoPaiMo 2019 National Model Painting Month

NaMoPaiMo 2019 National Model Painting Month


If you are into Model Horses and you’re on Facebook, you might be aware of National Model Painting Month. Jennifer Bray Buxton of Braymere Blog started this annual community building event a few years ago and it has really caught on!

It is held February of each year, on Facebook. You sign up on the website before the month begins, fill out a form, and pay your fee. Then you spend all month painting your model horse while getting fabulous immediate feedback from the Facebook group! Wonderful questions are asked and answered, all sorts of ideas are brought to life, and all ages and ability levels are brought together in a fun, artistic tornado!

Rebekah, learning how to paint with pastel pigments

This year, I got Rebekah to join me and she painted her first ever model horse! She did fabulously. I painted the model I had created for my Copy Cat Challenge Project horse. That model horse painting challenge is ongoing; join us here!

Rebekah’s finished horse; her first custom model ever!

I’m really proud of my NaMoPaiMo horse this year! I can’t wait to hit the show-ring with her! A beginner tutorial to join the fun while you wait for next year’s event is in the works on my Studio page. Stay tuned!

Bethany’s finished custom Arabian mare
Bows are really hard to sculpt!

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