How To Make A Wizard Wand

How To Make A Wizard Wand


Here are the steps to make the wizard wands that I made for our Harry Potter birthday party.

Shopping list

Chop sticks or small dowels


Wrapping wire

Wire cutters

Glue gun

Hot glue



Elmer’s glue

Sealing spray





I bought everything I needed at Walmart. Here are the products I chose:

First I used wire to attach wooden beads to the sticks in different ways. Some I just did one on top, some I attached a big one on top and small ones on the sides, a few I left with no beads.

Next, I got out glue guns and a lot of glue sticks. I used two glue guns and alternated so I wouldn’t get slowed down waiting for glue sticks to melt.

I covered the wire with glue, added dots, lines, and swirls, and gave them general depth.

Then, I painted them with Acrylic paint.

After they were completely dry, I brushed glue where I wanted glitter and sprinkler on glitter.

Last, when they were dry again, I sprayed then with Krylon Matte Finish. Use glossy finish if you like, it will work the same. It just needs a layer to seal the glitter and paint so it doesn’t shed or rub off.

As a finishing touch, I printed out Olivander labels from here and attached with them crochet thread.

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