BreyerWest 2019:  What Is BreyerWest?

BreyerWest 2019: What Is BreyerWest?


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What Is BreyerWest?

BreyerFest preview from 2018

If you collect Breyer horses you might have heard of BreyerFest; the big model horse celebration in Kentucky every year in July. I have not been able to attend BreyerFest before, but I was super excited when Breyer started up a second model horse celebration in Oregon. BreyerWest is a much smaller event, but fantastically fun! It includes an Open and a Novice live model horse show, clinics and workshops, and demonstrations.

Desmond with Spanky and Dally the trick dog and pony

BreyerWest takes place in Albany, Oregon at the North West Horse Expo in March. The horse expo has a myriad of vendors to shop at, live horse demonstrations of may different breeds, the auction of the Mustangs from each year’s Mustang training challenge, horse trainer clinics, pony rides, and ice cream. The Expo itself is worth attending, adding BreyerWest is the icing on the horse-lover’s cake!

What is the difference between BreyerFest and BreyerWest?

BreyerFEST has special run models you can purchase that are only available first hand. BreyerWEST does NOT have special run horses. That might change in the future, but for now, no special run horses. There are multiple vendors in attendance who sell Breyer horses, so you can still get your new Breyer fix!

BreyerFEST take place in Kentucky. BreyerWEST takes place in Oregon.

BreyerFEST is HUGE. 1000’s of people attend. Lines for special run horses are LONG. People literally pay friends to stand in line for them to purchase horses so that they can see the other events going on at the park. BreyerWEST is much, much smaller scale. 100 or so people attend and participate in the show, with more coming to purchase horses from the vendors and a steady stream of people coming to the stablemate painting that takes place all three days.

BreyerFEST is HOT. It is Kentucky in July. You will be sticky and hot and sweaty. BreyerWEST is in Oregon in March and it usually rains. There is often sun part of the weekend, and rain the rest, which is really fine because almost everything is indoors or under a roof. Just wear a light jacket and you’ll be fine.

Desmond Shaw taking a pony ride at BreyerWest

The Schedule

BreyerWest starts on the Friday of the event weekend. The Open Show for adults and experienced youth starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon. Go to the BreyerWest Blog to see this year’s judges line-up. Saturday is workshop day! Experts from different aspects of the hobby teach classes on everything from making pouches to keep your models safe, to making a real leather halter for your Breyer horse, and sculpting a medallion!

The show ring tables
Performance entry
A custom traditional made to look like a G1 Morgan stallion stablemate

Saturday evening, there is a Model Horse Swap Meet at the hotel; Phoenix Inn. In a conference room, people can rent tables to sell from and shoppers can wander around and shop and make deals! The sculptors and demonstrators from BreyerWest are often present and visitors can chat and ask questions and SHOP! This event goes fairly late and is always a highlight of the weekend for me. People staying at the host hotel are also allowed to sell from their rooms, this is known as “Room Sales”. If you’re been to BreyerFest or read about it online, you’ve heard about room sales. BreyerWest room sales are on a much smaller scale, but they are still a great part of the experience.

Ellie Bobbitt and Desmond Shaw chatting with sculptor Sue Sifton
Pastelling workshop taught by Kristen Cermele

Sunday is the Novice show, a special show where kids and beginners can learn how to live show in a very supportive and encouraging environment with expert judges and stewards.

Desmond Shaw and the youth judge, artist Mel Miller

Who Hosts BreyerWest?

Erin Corbett of Portland, Oregon (and of Corbett Saddles) hosts the BreyerWest event. Breyer Model Horses sponsors the event. That means, Erin does truck-loads of work organizing the show, booking judges, arranging staff, setting up, tearing down, and everything else involved in running large event. Breyer sends representatives to run the Breyer Info booth and they also send GIANT PALLETS OF PRIZES for the awards for the Live shows! I personally want to thank both Breyer and Erin for making it possible for us to have such an amazing event close enough I can attend.

How Do I Attend BreyerWest?

To attend BreyerWest, you need to buy a ticket to NW Horse Expo. Once inside, the BreyerWest event is free entry to wander about and do a stablemate painting session and talk to the demonstrators. To enter a show, you sign up on the Breyer website and pay a fee. To book a spot in the workshops, you sign up on the website and pay a fee. This year, the Open Show and Workshops are already sold out, but the Novice show usually has room right up to the show. Visitors can watch the shows from outside the event area and it might be helpful to take a peek at the action before you show the first time if you aren’t already experienced with live showing. Go to the BreyerWest Blog to get news about the event and learn more!

Come check it out! March 22-24, Albany, Oregon at the NW Horse Expo!

Me and my “hobby sister” Melissa Shaw
Next up: Planning and Packing for BreyerWest!

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